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Barclaycard Arrival Review | Best Travel Rewards Card W/ $400 Bonus!

New Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard

by Tony Phan on April 23, 2014 · 19 comments

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The Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard is the best travel rewards credit card for 2014.

It packs a bunch of all the most popular features you’d find in other great cards, and is accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. This card will earn 2 miles per $1 spent on ALL your purchases and it currently comes with a big 40,000 miles bonus promotion.

**New Feature Alert** You can now have access to your FICO score online for free with this Arrival World Mastercard. The FICO score is the score most lenders use to determine your credit-worthiness!

Because it isn’t airline or hotel branded, you have a lot more flexibility in how you earn rewards, and in how you redeem rewards.

This card was recently named the “Best for Travel Rewards”  by Money Magazine!

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*This travel card comes in two versions, so read about the other version near the end of the post.

Next, I’ll review all the features of this Barclays MasterCard below.

Barclays Arrival World MasterCard Benefits

40,000 bonus

I’ll start with the best feature, which is the 40,000 bonus miles that you get by making $3,000 or more in purchases in the first 90 days from account opening.  Many other credit cards that offer bonus miles will make you spend upwards of $5,000 in the first 3 months to qualify for their bonus miles.  These 40,000 bonus miles basically equal $400 off the next trip you book.  This is a huge bonus right now, that may go away in the near future!  It’s definitely one of the main reasons the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard is one of the best travel rewards credit cards on the market now.

Earning Miles With Arrival Card

Up to par with the best travel rewards credit cards out there, is the 2 miles per $1 spent on ALL your purchases.  That’s just like 2% cash back on ALL your purchases!  Plus, there are no caps on the amount of miles you can earn with the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard.

Arrival Card Redeeming Points

Redeeming miles with this MasterCard from Barclays is super easy.  You’re not forced to use the miles to pay for any specific Airline’s flights or any particular brand of hotel.  This travel rewards credit card lets you redeem your miles for statement credits towards a variety of travel categories like flights, cruises, car rentals, hotels, etc.  It’s actually very slick.  You just log into your account and view all the qualifying travel purchases that you’ve already made and you’re able to get credit for those purchases with the miles that you’ve earn.

Plus, a cool feature with this Barclays MasterCard credit card is you will get 10% of your miles back when you redeem them towards a travel purchase.  So if you redeem 40,000 miles for travel, you’ll get 4,000 of those miles back!

No Annual Fee

Now, there’s really no reason not to try out the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard to see if it’s the best travel rewards credit card for you because the first year’s annual fee is waived!  After the first year, the annual fee will be $89.  When you take into account the $400 in bonus miles, the 2% in miles earnings for all purchases, and the 10% return of miles when you redeem for travel, that annual fee is negated very quickly.

So, What’s The Verdict With This Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard Review?

With the combination of 40,000 bonus miles, 2% miles earning with ALL purchases, the 10% return of miles, and the freedom to redeem your miles with all types of travel, the BarclayCard Arrival World MasterCard is the new hot card on the market today.

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Not Interested In A Card With An Annual Fee? Check Out The Other Version Of The Arrival World MasterCard…

barclaycard arrival world mastercard no fee

If you don’t think you’ll utilize the card enough to offset the annual fee, Barclaycard has another version of the Arrival card that has NO Annual Fee attached.  Here are the differences:

  • 20,000 Bonus Points

Even if the bonus points are cut in half, $200 in travel redemption is still one of the best card bonuses available on the market right now for a card without an annual fee.  Most other no annual fee cards offer no more than $100 in bonuses.  In fact, this used to also be the case with this version of the Arrival World MasterCard until they started the new promotion.

  • 2X On Travel & Dining

Rather than earning 2 miles per $1 spent on all your purchases like the annual fee version, you’ll only earn the 2 miles per $1 on your Travel and Dining purchases.  Of course, you’ll still earn the 1 mile per $1 on all your other purchases that don’t fall into these categories.  So, this really means this version is more beneficial to frequent travelers.

Aside from the initial bonus miles and the limited 2 miles per $1 earning rate, all other features remain intact for this version of the travel card.

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*If you like using Priceline to book your travel, don’t forget to check out that card as well.  I reviewed it here.  It’s a card I personally use for purchases and hold onto because there’s no annual fee.

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You can also earn additional miles by participating in the Barclays Travel Community. You get bonus miles as follows:

Sign up and profile completion: 500 miles
Travel story: 200 miles
Kudos: 10 miles

A kudos is basically a FB like. Link to the community:


Tony Phan

very cool, thanks!



Hello Tony,
May I suggest one more card, which to me is real good.
Marriots rewards card, it is giving out 60,000 points, and you might know that you can link your marrriot account to other airline accounts, so actually get 60,000 airline miles worth $600.
Chase website says 50,000, but I got an email offer of 60,000. BUt even 50,000 is good.

You need to spend $1000 in first 3 months
No annual fee first year, $85 from second year.



I have one question,
How common is it for people to get such travel cards, use it for the first free year and then cancel it?


Tony Phan

Very common :)
The better your credit is, the more leeway you have in obtaining and cancelling cards though. But yea, many people try out an annual fee card because of the bonus points and then if it doesn’t seem worth the annual fee, they’ll cancel it. You def should evaluate whether the extra rewards earning potential outweighs the annual fee, rather than being concerned about the annual fee itself.


Tony Phan

Yea, that’s a good card too, though hotel specific. It’s on top of the card bonuses list:
I do like that the Barclay Arrival card has more freedom in travel redemption though.


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