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Continental Finance Discover Cerulean Secured Credit Card Review

by Tony Phan on December 12, 2013. Updated January 8, 2014 · 1 comment

in Cerulean Discover Credit Card

Continental Finance Cerulean Discover Credit Card

The Cerulean card is advertised as a “hybrid” credit card. This is mainly because the type of Cerulean credit card you will be approved for will depend on your credit profile during application.  Depending on your credit you may get approved for an unsecured credit card (the traditional type of card we’re familiar with), a partially secured credit card, or a secured credit card.  Typically, the Cerulean Discover credit card is targeted more for consumers with bad credit in the form of a secured credit card.

*Before considering the Discover Cerulean Card for bad credit, you should look into the Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard for those with Average credit.  It’s probably the best traditional credit card for average credit that offers rewards as well. Definitely check out this card here.

I’ll review all the details you need to know about the Cerulean Discover card below.

Who Is The Cerulean Discover Credit Card For?

To start off, if you have good to excellent credit, you should NOT be looking into applying for the Continental Finance Cerulean Discover card!

The Cerulean Discover credit card is really for people who either have poor credit or have yet to build any credit.  This is when a secured card will come in handy.

Secured Cards were designed to help people either establish or rebuild their credit history.  They do not require good credit or even any credit history at all.  The Cerulean Card is accepted anywhere Discover is accepted. The whole point of the Cerulean Discover Card is to make payments on time in order to build your credit history.

Unlike your traditional credit card, secured credit cards are for consumers with bad credit or no credit at all. Instead of your credit limit being based on your credit profile like traditional cards, it is instead based on a security deposit that you send in when you apply.  For example, if you send in a $1,500 security deposit with your application, then your credit limit will be $1,500.

Your security deposit will not be used towards paying off your monthly balance. Once your account is closed in good standing, after review, you will get your deposit back.

Review all the important key points to know what you’re getting into with the Cerulean Discover credit card.  When you have bad credit, rebuilding comes at a cost.

Important Points On The Cerulean Discover Card

The Annual Fee.  First of all the annual fee for the Cerulean Discover Card is $75.  I agree that’s a bit steep, but rebuilding your credit history is priceless for your future financial endeavors.  Now the annual fee is the one fee you can’t avoid.  Let’s review some of the fees you can avoid by using this card wisely and with a planned approach.

Make your payments on time!  Otherwise, you could have a Late Fee up to $35.  So, make arrangements to get payments applied on time.  I recommend signing up for free 24/7 online access for this.  The only other payment option would be to mail it in and I always rather not trust mailed payments to route on time and route correctly.  With online access you can quickly review your recent transactions, payment history, and current balance.

Online Statements Save Money.  Log in online and opt for online statements only!  Monthly paper statements will cost you $4.95 per month. Avoid this fee with your Cerulean Discover credit card and save trees at the same time!

Card Protection Service.  Another fee that you can avoid but may not want to, depending on your situation, is the Card Protection service.  It’s an optional debt cancellation program offered with your card where if you become unemployed as a result of disability or hospitalization, the program covers up to six months of payments for you and under certain circumstances, may even cancel the full balance of your account entirely.  The monthly Program charge is billed to your account and will be shown on your monthly statement. The charge is based on your outstanding balance multiplied by $1.49 per $100 of outstanding balance.  For job loss, disability, hospitalization and/or loss of life, you must be enrolled in the Continental Credit Protection program for 30 days before this Protected Event may be activated.  You can cancel this program anytime if you change your mind; and if you do it within 30 days of enrolling, they will credit you back the program fees.

$0 Fraud Liability.  You get $0 Fraud Liability, given you report within 24 hours your lost or stolen credit card.

APR for Purchases.  There is a variable 29.99% annual percentage rate on purchases.

You can not have a co-applicant at the time of application, but you can add an authorized user after getting approved for the Cerulean Credit Card.

You can review the entire Terms and Conditions here.

Is The Cerulean Card A Good Choice? The Honest Truth:

To be honest, compared to all the other choices available for secured credit cards, the Cerulean Discover card isn’t the most popular option anymore.  Two other secured credit cards for those with bad credit that you should definitely check out would be the Capital One® Secured MasterCard® and the USAA Secured Credit Cards.  Both of these secured cards have lower annual fees, lower APRs on purchases,and still report to the major credit bureaus to help build your credit. You should definitely review their features first before deciding if the Cerulean card is still a good option.

The most popular secured card currently is the Capital One® Secured MasterCard®. The annual fee is always reasonable and consumers put trust in Capital One as a bank.

Capital One Secured MasterCard

Click Here→ to see all the best secured credit cards

The contact info for the Cerulean Discover credit card seemed a bit hard to track down when I was reviewing the card details so I thought I’d share the information here:

Contact Number For Customer Service:  1-866-449-4514

Customer Care Specialist assisted account information is available Mon – Fri 8am – 9pm ET and Sat 9am – 1pm ET

To make Payment arrangements:  1-800-518-6142

To report a Lost or Stolen Card:  1-800-556-5678

To send written inquiries:

Continental Finance Company, LLC

P.O. Box 8099

Newark, DE 19714-8099

To send payments:

Continental Finance

P.O. Box 105125

Atlanta, GA 30348-5125

Online Account Access:

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